Job Postings - NEW!


Share a Job Opportunity at the ASHI Annual Meeting

Attract qualified candidates to your workplace when you post a job opportunity on the ASHI job board at the ASHI Annual Meeting. Your job opportunity will be displayed on a monitor placed at the Membership Booth -in the middle of all the action - for all ASHI Annual Meeting attendees to see. Job opportunities will also be available in the hands of all attendees via the ASHI Annual Meeting mobile application.

Please complete this form by October 6th to get started! 


ASHI will confirm receipt of your purchase of $75.00 and will reach out to collect your job posting. 

All submissions must be delivered as a PowerPoint slide. 

We recommend that your PowerPoint include the following:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Description (a brief overview of the role and responsibilities)
  • Qualifications (skills, qualifications, and experience you are looking for)
  • Company Overview (why it's a great place to work)
  • Application Process
  • Application Deadline
  • Contact Information (for inquiries or more information)

Job Posting Application